10 helpful tips for successful telephone conferences.

With this little guide, your next conference call will be even easier.

To organize a conference call the same rules apply as for any other meeting also, namely the set of event, date, time and participants of the conference. In addition, the following should be considered:

  1. At what location are your participants? Are they alone, in their office, are they a group sitting together in a conference room, or are they on an international business trip? Those things may have an impact on the choice of your conference provider. If you host your telephone conferences with talkyoo, you are guaranteed to reach even international customers. Also participants that are using their mobile phones won't face a surprisingly high bill at the end.
  2. Keep the different time zones in mind. If you are hosting conferences with international participants always ask yourself first. What is the best time of day for conference calls? What time is it where your participants live ?
  3. You can easily invite your participants with the invitation email template, that you received from talkyoo directly after your registration.
  4. During your conference, it is recommended to keep the background noises down to a minimum, especially with mobile phone callers. Participants should ensure that they are calling from a quiet environment, background noises can interfere with your conference a lot.
  5. The conference host should moderate the conference. This means he should introduce all the participants and welcome them by name.
  6. If a new participant enters the conference room, he should introduce himself with his name.
  7. Since the participants of a conference can't see each other, it is important that they can be assigned. This means in larger conference calls, the participants should say their names before they begin to talk. Always anounce yourself with your name before you want to say something.
  8. Never speak all together at the same time. Speak only on demand or ask to speak, to ensure that the other participants will understand you.
  9. After the conference, talkyoo will send a statistic via E-mail to the conference moderator.
  10. As an additional service, the conference host can receive an audio recording, if it was activated before the conference. This simplifies the report writing and evaluation of the conference.