25 € for you and 50% for the new customer *

For every successful recommendation you receive 25 € talkyoo credit and your contact receives a 50% discount for three months! *

How to recommend the talkyoo conference call

  • You log on to talkyoo.net.
  • Under “My Account” select “Customers recruit customers”.
  • Enter the name and email address of the new prospect.
  • We will prepare an email with a link for you.
  • Send the email to your contacts.
  • The link is crucial for the discount and your reward.
  • If the recommendation was successful, you will receive a credit of € 25 for your next bills.


What must my contact do to receive the 50% discount *?

  • Your contact clicks on the link.
  • He receives a non-binding, free test room for 7 days. We want to convince you!
  • If your contact chooses a talkyoo savings package no later than 7 days after the free trial, they will receive a 50% discount on their first three bills!

When do I get the credit?

You will receive the bonus of € 25 after the new customer has used his savings package for three months.