Desktop-Sharing and online presentation with talkyoo

Making a call often is not enough – there for talkyoo offers valuable functions like online presentation and desktop-sharing.

Just work together more efficiently

Conference calls are nice. But we offer more. Perhaps your want to present your new products, talk about a concept or show results of your work in your meeting. With our desktop sharing and online presentation we meet your needs.


So simple you can share your desktop or online presentation on talkyoo.

When you register to talkyoo, you also get access to our customer area. In the customer area you can simply control all functions via the web control. With only a few clicks you can upload your presentation, invite your participants and send them the link to your presentation. Your participants click on the link and the presentation begins. Easy and effortless. Easy and effortless.

Also the desktop sharing can be made quick and easy with talkyoo. With the help of our functions for web conferencing, you can share your screen or a selected portion of the screen up to 100 participants, send them files or messages, communicate via video, use a pointer and more. This makes the desktop sharing a comfortable tool for your meetings, for sales, for webinars, conferences and many other events.