0. 00
  • 6 Participants
  • Flat conferences
  • Flat conferenceduration
  • Host PIN
  • Screen Sharing
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Web Control
  • Audio protocol MP3
  • International dial-in


* asterisk text
* In calculating the cost of a participant, we have assumed that the participant has a so-called fixed-flat (flat-rate customers should check the terms and conditions of their contract partner).If a flat-rate is not available, the participant has to pay connection charges to the dial-in numbers. For participants that are using a mobile phone the connection charges will apply too

199. 95
per room / month
  • 150 Participants
  • Web Control
  • Audio protocol MP3
  • International dial-in
49. 95
per room / month
  • 30 Participants
  • Web Control
  • Audio protocol MP3
  • International dial-in
19. 95
per room / month
  • 10 Participants
  • Web Control
  • Audio protocol MP3
  • International dial-in
0. 09
Min. *
  • Flat Participants
  • Web Control
  • Audio protocol MP3
  • International dial-in

* 9 cents per participant / minute including VAT

In order for a phone conference to run smoothly, all participants will need to follow a few basic rules:

  • Punctuality: Set a binding date together with your Participants and make sure to be on time. If you want to talk with your customers, it will make a bad impression if you or one of the Participants will not Appear on time for the telcon
  • Select a Moderator: To ensure that your participants won't all talk at at once or cut each other off , it is important to determine a moderator for the conference call. The moderator will need to take the lead of the conversation. All others will have to follow his guidelines.
  • Let the other participants finish their sentence: Do not interrupt your conversation partner. Everyone will be able to talk, please don't interrupt them. Take your time to answer and if you got any questions or objections, take some notes on the side.
  • Speak clearly: Make sure that you speak clearly and maybe a little slower. So you can be sure that all participants can follow you
  • Avoid background noises: A ringing Cellphones and other phones an opened window keyboard typing are frowned upon. deally, you use a headset that contained outside noise.
  • The beginning and the end of the Telcon: At the beginning, all the participants of the conference call introduce themselfes shortly. At the end all the key points are summarized and drawn to a conclusion. If a protocol of the call is requested, specify which moderator sends it to the participants after the telcon is closed.

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Every conference call can be easily controlled via the phone or the mobile phone. Every telcon Moderator is granted access to the same functions :

  • Mute
  • Conference on hold
  • Lock room
  • Number of participants

The telcon participants can also perform the following functions on their phone or mobile phone during the conference call:

  • Microfone Mute/Unmute
  • Conference on hold
  • To give a signal / give a handsign

We want you to be happy with our conference call and our value packages. If you are having difficulties with our telephone conferencing product (within the first 14 days of the initial booking of a conference call value package)? We will solve this fast and uncomplicated! And we should not do this to your satisfaction, we will refund the invoice amount immediately.

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