Now and again, companies operating internationally must also hold a conference call with their customers abroad. This often results in additional costs as international numbers are much more expensive than national connections. For this reason, talkyoo offers its clients the additional option of "international dial-in numbers" which you can add individually to your conference package. This significantly reduces your telephone costs and allows you to conduct your international conference call affordably, without fear of horrendous additional costs.

International telephone numbers from a landline

If you have selected the additional feature, participants from foreign countries can access a permanently growing network of international fixed-network dial-in numbers. We at talkyoo are constantly striving to expand this network of local dial-in numbers .

If you are hosting an international conference call, your participants will be able to use national dial-in for their connection thus saving enormously on costs. If in addition your participants use a so called fixed flat rate, no additional costs will apply. This keep the international conference call completely free.

The right number to host a favorable international conference call

The network of international numbers, so called landline numbers is constantly maintained and expanded by talkyoo. Currently, there are severeal local access numbers in germany and italy available. Added to this is the additional feature of the talkyoo Skype account, through which foreign patricipants are able to join your conference call comfortably.

Why a conference call is internationally important

Companies that operate on an international level are often faced with the problem of how to keep in touch with their customers abroad. Daily business can usually be taken care of by way of e-mail; important decisions, however, should not be made this way. That is why it is important for you to be able to communicate with your business partners abroad at any time and at low cost and to be able to hold international conference calls. This way, you can increase the proximity to your customers.

In this respect, it is important that you offer your international customers a reliable connection into which you can also integrate other options such as an Online Presentation . talkyoo offers you the ideal platform for this form of contact with customers abroad. Make cheap rate international conference calls and benefit from our large network of international phone numbers.