Frequently asked questions about desktop sharing / webinar software - showyoo

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding the installation and use of webconferencing:

  1. Is it possible to test the webconference?

    Yes, it is of course possible. With our free trial, you can test talkyoo 31 days teleconferences and web conferences.
    Here you can test the webconference for free

  2. Which languages does the webconference software support?

    At the moment the following languages are avaiable: English, French, Spanish, Netherlands, Polish, Italian. The language is choosen by your OS settings.

  3. Are the security risks in talkyoo webconferences?

    To grant remote access of your keyboard and mouse to another user, you need to follow these steps:

  4. What happens with the data exchanged while a webconference?

    No. you need to start a session manually first. Also the only way for participants to log into your session is via the 9-digit roomkey/sessionid which canges with each new session. Do not forget to end the session when you are done.

  5. How the connection is technically established?

    Since we are offering the full version of showyoo for free people have asked us why we do that, and if there is a catch. First of all No there is no catch. The full version of showyoo is aviable free of any charges. there are no nasty surprises such as spyware or adware. It is also free of charges to start or join a session.

    We are offering showyoo for free for one simple reason. During our beta phase, showyoo can lead to errors in rare cases, and we dont want to charge our customers for a product that can cause errors.

  6. Are there limits if participants are behind a firewall?

    No. You can start as many sessions and participate in as many sessions as you like. Moreover there is no time limit for sessions, through this you can take breaks or explain more details to your viewers while you are hosting an online meeting.

    Note: Once you start a session it opens a new window with the "session data", which contains, among other things, the session number. You will see the following Note at the bottom of this window "(Remaining time until the first participant has to be connected) 0:15:00" This means that your first particiant has to join within 15 minutes, otherwise the session will be closed automatically, to ensure the safety of your data.

    This means that your first participants have joined within 15 minutes you have to, otherwise the session is automatically terminated for security reasons. Once at least one participant is connected, the meeting may run for an unlimited duration.

  7. What requirements have to be met for FastViewer?

    System requirements: Windows at least Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2003 SP2, OSX at least 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and DSL 2000 internet connection.