• 1. Why is talkyoo free up to 6 participants - where is the "catch" ?

    The idea behind the talkyoo test package was developed out of the necessity to make our products and services known in the most inexpensive way possible.

    So the talkyoo test package is an promotional tool for our professional, larger telephone conferences as bundles or as an instant telephone conference. The talkyoo test package is not quite free of charge, but each participant will pay only the actual cost of connecting their phone provider to our fixed-line numbers. However, you can use our test package without any charge or extra fee for the use of our conference system.

    Larger conferences and additional features such as MP3-recordings or WebControl are only for the conference host to pay - but in comparison to other providers our prices are still undefeated low. You can check this for yourself at: Pricelist Overview

  • 2. How do i start a conference ?

    The easiest way to start a telephone conference is to enter your Email address on our Homepage. By doing this, you will receive your personal conference room number and an invitation E-mail in which you can set a date for when the conference is going to start. All your participants need to do now is, to call the telephone number provided in your invitation E-mail, and enter the roomkey after they have been asked to. When two or more participants have joined the conference it will start automaticly.

  • 3. What are the charges for the conference calls?

    If you are conducting a conference call with talkyoo, your participants on talkyoo only pay the connection costs to the fixed line and no extra charges.
    For you as moderator, in addition to the connection costs to the fixed line, you only incur the costs of a savings package or the instant conference. Further information: Pricelist Overview

  • 4. Will the conference host carry the charges of the participants, or do they have to carry them by them self ?

    As with any normal landline telephone call, each participant bears the cost for his call, i.e., a conference call with talkyoo costs just as much as a "normal" telephone call. You only pay the connection costs to the German fixed network, no fees and no costs for expensive service numbers. Only the moderator pays an inexpensive monthly/annual flat rate or for an instant conference call starting at an affordable €0.09 per minute. More at:

  • 5. Do i have to reserve time slots in advance for my conference calls ?

    No, you don't need to inform us about your scheduled conference, as long as the amount of your participants does not exceed the maximum number of participants included in your value package. If however the maximum number of participants exceeds the limit of your value package, please inform us as soon as possible - service@talkyoo.net.

  • 6. Are my conference Roomnumbers one time use only ?

    No, your conference roomnumbers are valid without any Limit. That way you can hold as many conferences as you like.

  • 7. Will mobile-phone users be able to participate at the conference calls ?

    Naturally the conference calls can be reached via mobile phone. For users of a flat-rate tariff the service is usually free of charge (flat-rate customers are advised to check the Terms and Conditions of their Contractpartner) Sometimes it happens that the connection to certain dial-in numbers via mobile phone seems to be harder, then to other dial-in numbers. If this occours please refer to the menu item "current access numbers" on our conference room management website right after logging in on www.talkyoo.net/en/. For all customers of the Packages Small, Medium, Large and for customers of Instant conference call we listed several alternate dial up numbers there .

  • 8. Will International participants be able to attend to the conferences ?

    Of course, because you are dialing into a talkyoo conference call on a fixed-line number, which ensures the availability from abroad.

  • 9. What requirements do the telephone devices have to fulfill ?

    Generally, the devices must support DTMF signals (DTMF signals) The vast majority of phones and PBX systems do support those things today, and in some cases they can be adjusted according to the DTMF method.

  • 10. How many participants can my conference call sustain ?

    Currently (as of 09/2013), we provide a total of 960 lines. Up to this limit, conference calls are possible. However in very rare cases it can happen, that so many conferences are being hosted, that the capacity of the system is exhausted, and no other participants can connect.

  • 11. How do I protect myself from unwanted listeners ?

    Since the conference room numbers are assigned by talkyoo, the most reliable protection from unwanted listeners is, that no conference room number is assigned more than once. If you decide to book a package deal or instant-savings package call, you also have the possibillity to lock your conference room as soon as all participants are present. You can also use a Pin-number which your participants need to type in before entering the conference call.

  • 12. Instead of a welcome message i get a off-hook signal or another error message. What has happened ?

    In very rare cases, it is possible that our system is overloaded. Of course, we always try to provide enough capacitys to our customers. However, in very rare cases, it comes to situations in which callers just get the off-hook signal. Just try to dial in again a short time later!

  • 13. I can hear the welcome message, but I can not join the conference room. Why is that ?

    Please ensure whether your phone is actually transmitting DTMF signals. Maybe you can adjust your phone settings accordingly.

  • 14. I want to host a conference call, but when i type my conference room number into the phone i get the message "The number is too short." What should I do ?

    If you are calling through an "Internet phone," This problem may occur. Because the DTMF signal tones are often transmitted poorly or not at all through the internet This is not the fault of talkyoo, but rather depends on your configuration settings of your Internet phone clients (VoIP software) . Unfortunately, this setting is different on each software. Therefore talkyoo and any other conference call providers would not recognize your conference room number. You can solve this problem either by configuring your Internet phone calls, or by not calling via internet phone connections at all.

  • 15. Why can't you send me my password by e-mail ?

    Talkyoo takes the security and confidentiality for the data of our customers very seriously. Accordingly our system stores your password encrypted so even we dont know what it is. If you happen to have lost your password please use our " Forgot Password " function. This will send out an Email with a link which will take you to the talkyoo website where you can simply assign a new password.

  • 16. Why can't i connect to my old conference room under the old +49 (0)40 1888 1000 number ?

    From time to time, the dial-in number for our free trial conference rooms changes. Please refer the menupoint "current dial-in numbers" in your conference management to ensure that you are using the correct dial-in number.

  • 17. What is the meaning of "My personal dial-in number" ?

    In Germany, every customer gets his own conference call dialin number for his conference call. Unfortunately, we can provide in your country no personal numbers. Please use the central dialin number for your country.

  • 18. How will talkyoo determine the area code for my personal dial-in number ?

    When registering you will be asked to provide your personal address data. Through this data we are able to determine which your local area code will be. For already existing customers we have used the already existing invoice adress data which was stored in our system. Companies that bought or will buy multiple conference rooms with multiple email adresses, will be provided with a personal dial-in number for every conference room. Through this the sales department and the personal department can have different dial-in numbers to make their conference calls.