Strictly spoken, you do not only save money with our conference calls.



SAVE 1 MONTH with our annual contract!

ONE MONTH SAVED! With our annual contract!

* Additional participants will not be rejected. Extended access to the conference for only € 1.95 per participant. (Regardless of the conference duration). All prices including 19% VAT.

Our additional functions

Web Control
Take control of your conference call easily through our website. See who joins your conference call, lock the conference room and much more.

Price per room / month Inclusive

International dial-in numbers
Use our international fixed-dial-in numbers for your conference call. This enables your participants to use local dial-in numbers without making expensive long-distance calls to Germany.

Price per room / month
incl. 19 VAT

from 8.95 €

from 9.95 €

Web Conferencing
Extend your conference call to a web conference. Show your screen, programs – desktop sharing or webinar are now possible.

Price per room / month
incl. 19 VAT

from €17.95

from €19.95

MP3 audio protocol
Upon request, your conferences will be recorded by our system. You can download this recording from our website as an MP3 file within 30 days after the conference.

Price per room / month Inclusive

No participant is rejected.

If more people dial into one of your conferences than your conference room is large, none of your conversation partners will of course be rejected

Per participant / conference / once
incl. 19 VAT

1.95 €

Can I change my package at any time?

Yes. If you switch to a larger package, we will immediately activate the services and functions. Billing takes place on the day of the change. Is your savings package still running for a few days? It doesn’t matter. The remaining term will be credited to you on a daily basis.
The change to a smaller package takes place at the end of the existing contract. A change is possible until the last day of the contract period.

What happens if more participants call?

No problem! From the Small package, every extra participant comes into the room for just € 1.95 per conference. The amount will be debited at the end of the conference call.

What does flat conference duration mean?

We do not bill by the minute. You pay once with us and can confer as long as you like.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. You have the choice. The contracts run for a month or a year. The rooms can be canceled at any time with a “click”. There is no notice period. You can end the contract up to the last day.

To do this, log on to, select “Contract information” under “my rooms” and click on “Cancel room”.
Otherwise your contract will be renewed automatically.

Which payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we accept direct debits, Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Invoice purchase for companies.

What do my conference call participants pay?

Your conference call participants do not pay anything for the conference call (1).