Phone Conference with a mobile phone.

Joining a conference call with a mobile phone is usually not a problem if you’ve received an email with the invitation details. he rest works just like in any other phone call: you dial in and enter your conference room via the numbers and characters available on the mobile phone – then you’re ready to go. No app is necessary for a telephone conference or the further telephone dial-in to a web conference.

If you are the organizer of a telephone conference or a web conference you won’t need an app in order to use a smart phone or a tablet. Our user interface was developed in a way that it adapts to the screen size of your output device (so your tablet or smart phone). This way, you will also be able to use all features when you are on the move.

A tip for mobile phone participants

You can easily mute the microphone during a conference call or web conference so that ambient noise doesn’t get transmitted. This is useful if you are in a noisy environment or only want to listen for a while.

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