In conference calls, confidential information is often discussed.

Who listens in a conference call?

But who listens when reports are made about internals? Conference call participants sometimes don’t know who’s dialed in. This creates a risk.

A talkyoo conference can easily be protected by you.

We present these security features today:

  • Announce or view attendees
  • Security PIN
  • Locking you room

Just keep confidential communication confidential.

Curly woman with sunglasses whispers something in the ear of a little girl in a leather jacket.
Think carefully about who is listening when you tell a secret.

FBI was intercepted in a conference call!

The FBI, Scottland Yard and other investigative agencies coordinated the investigation into a group of computer criminals in a conference call.

However, the group known as Anonymous participates in the conference, records it and puts it online.

Are we among ourselves?

Right at the beginning of the FBI conference call, a participant expresses the suspicion that there are more listeners in the conference room.

Bruce: “I’m not sure we’re both the only ones present.”

In this conference a joke is made:

Georg: “Before you say something bad, I’m here with Matt on the phone”

You can listen to the recording here.

As The New York Times reports, the dial-in data was taken from an intercepted email.

That an email is intercepted could probably happen to you. But you know who is participating in your conference call!

You know who is attending your conference!

As a moderator of a talkyoo conference, you have two options to find out about those actually present.

  1. Let us tell you the number of participants on the phone.
  2. See all participants with phone numbers in the web control.

The number of participants are announced with [*] [3].

You use the buttons of your phone and dial during the conference [*] and [3].
Then the number of participants will be announced.

Here you will find all commands for controlling the conference by phone.

See who is dialed in.

In the Web control, you can see how many participants are dialed in. You can also see which phone numbers are transmitted by the participants.

The talkyoo web control provides you with an overview of the participants.
In the web control you can see who is attending your conference.

The web control displays this information:

  • Time at which the participant entered the conference.
  • Telephone number of the participants. You will see the phone numbers in full if you have “detailed statistics” enabled in the room settings.
  • Country of the participant
  • Location or mobile operator

To use the web control, you must be logged in to

Before using web control, you can enable complete statistics. Then unabridged phone numbers are displayed.

Access control via security PIN

A customer was convinced at the conference on Monday. Should he also be able to attend the board conference call on Tuesday?

Control access to the conference room and use the security PIN!

1. Activate the security PIN

In the settings of the conference room, you will find the OFF/ON switch for the security PIN on the right. You can freely choose the PIN.

The security PIN is more active and freely selected.

2. Inform participants

The security PIN must be known to all participants before the start of the conference.

3. Dial in with security PIN

If the security PIN is activated, the system asks for the security PIN after entering the room number.

Closing space

When everyone is in the conference, you can close the room as a moderator.

In the web control of a conference call from talkyoo, you can lock your room.
One click and no one can dial in anymore.

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